Tears of Pride

Every time a tear leaves my eyes,
I vow that that I will never lose strength,
That I will always fight,
And that if we are to fall,
I will be there and together we will rise,
Because this road is not easy to walk on your own,
And I know that if we are together,
Your soul will shine,
As bright as the sun that is out there in our sky,
Because within you there is courage, bravery and fear,
But when you stand to fight the fear in your eyes will disappear,
I see it as it is replaced by light,
Because your soul carries with it a beautiful gaze,
And I pray that our Lord forever keeps you in his shade.

Every time you see me smile,
I do it in your name,
Because you always smiled for the sake of your beautiful child,
You always gave him hope,
You were the rainbow that he sought through the rain,
The star that he sought on the darkest of days,
And though sometimes I feel that I’m locked within a maze,
You make my burden lighter in so many ways,
So I thank you for the pain you endured in my name,
And I pray that you and I forever remain the same,
Yes I wish that you grow, to see you increase in strength,
And as I see you recover I wish you’re there to see me,
As I grow as well.

As tears leave your eyes,
I pray that they are tears of pride,
And I pray that as you look towards me,
You see  compassion and light,
Because I will never stop and you will forever fight,
But as my sister in this struggle,
I hope to keep you forever by my side,
Because your love keeps the light within me alive,
And you keep me determined to strive,
And my brother I pray you forever know that I am here,
As your sister I know I have nothing to fear,
I know that you find strength in me,
And I pray that tears of pride leave your eyes,
Whenever you mention me.

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