No Matter Where I Stand

Who is truth and tell me what is a lie?
Is it just me, or is this battle greater than just I?
Because I never saw myself reflected in their eyes,
I saw strength yet I heard a heart wrenching cry,
I vowed that I would always fight,
Even if it ended my life,
Because my actions would ease the burden,
That I saw within his eye,
They would tear down the walls they built with their lies,
They would ease your mothers tears and silence the cries

This is war but tell me will there ever be peace?
They tell me it depends on what we believe,
For me it is simple but as I crave for unity,
My vision is destroyed,
Because they place divisions between you and me,
How long will our people wait till the pain is eased?
I ask but they suffer and I remain weak,
I find courage in their stance but what fate will we meet?
As a people who were silent as our children were left to bleed.

I will question and my questions still lead to solitude,
I never found the answer to where you were when I needed you,
But I always said that I would never give up on the fight,
And those I met said that I was hope and I would be the light,
So I embedded my blood and tears into the soil of the battlefield,
And I promised my people bearing their pain I would be their shield,
Because I feel their pain to the core of who I am,
You will find their wounds in my shell no matter where I stand,
And no matter where I stand I will always lend a hand,
Because if this battle will be won, we must be together when we stand.

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