Take My Hand

I want to paint hope on the walls of every refugee camp in Gaza,
I want to tear down every checkpoint in Srinagar,
I want to paint words of love on the walls of every classroom,
And tell every child that I will never forget their names,
Because these tears that run down my face as I speak of them,
Bear witness to the fact that they are part of my soul,
I pray that I can tell them they are special until they are sure,
That they can walk through a war knowing that I will always be proud.

I want to speak words of love that tear down your drones,
I want to paint the sky with strength, so they see past your war,
I want to line the sea with courage and the shores with bravery,
I want to send you pure white doves, with messages of hope,
So that in your heart know you are never alone,
I want to sow seeds of dignity in the soils of your valleys,
And I want you to see faith in the eyes of your elders,
I want you to be proud of the blood that pumps through your veins,
I want you to know than in spirit I am with you,
That this battle we fight, one day will be over,
And that the rivers of your valleys will overflow with love.

I want to hold your hand and take your fears from you,
I want to give you strength because courage flows within you,
I want to feel the truth as it tremors within your veins,
I want to turn your anger to love before it drives you insane,
I want you to know that my heart lies with you,
Because your struggle is mine and justice is now due,
Until we learn to love, how can we progress?
I want us to unite in all that we do.

We demand justice, as they draw lines between us,
I will tear down the barriers and the walls that they place,
Together we are stronger, you will not be replaced,
They take our love and they teach us to hate,
Our Lord paves our way, but we must internally change.

I will tear down these checkpoints but I will not do it without you,
I will paint hope on these walls but I need you to believe,
I will teach our children to love, but you must join me too,
We must learn all of their names because they are me and you.
These tears in my eyes bear witness to the hate,
They paint this picture of love and wish that you relate,
Because this pain that we cause, doesn’t need to exist,
I ask you to take my hand as I fight to resist.


2 thoughts on “Take My Hand

  1. Thanks dear sister.Thank u for the fact that u still remember srinagar…

    i m one of those folks who happen to be here.

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