If I am to have a daughter, I will call her Amal,
Hope, because in her mother’s eyes hope will never be lost,
She will know that no matter where she ends up on this Earth,
Her mother’s pride and dreams lie with her,
Her big brown eyes will never stop reflecting all the love that there is in this world,
And her hands, they’ll never stop trying to shelter everybody who she meets from any pain they might find,
She’ll never ask you for much,  or even anything at all,
But she’ll give you all she’s got, even if she’s got nothing left,
And she’ll be the star that lights up your day,
Because her mother, she didn’t teach her to be any other way,
She’ll be stronger than she seems,
She grew up watching her Ummi fighting dragons,
And she’ll know just when the time is right to pick up that sword and fight,
Until there’s nothing in this world that anybody has to fear,
And until she’s settled with the fact that she will never be alone,
She’ll keep on fighting like she knows how to stand up on her own,
She may never have a clue, but she’ll really have you fooled,
Because her mother spent her life trying to do that too,
She’ll be angry and a little violent but you’ll never get close enough to see why,
Cus when it came to trust her Ummi was pretty damn naive,
She will be stronger than I was, she’ll always know how to forgive,
And when you find a hole to live in, she’ll give you a reason to live,
She’ll know that life is a gift, and she won’t be afraid to cry,
Because she knows that there is nothing purer than the rain,
As it washes away every trace of pain deep inside,
She’ll like to climb mountains and she’ll dream of being free,
She’ll always try to escape and she won’t be afraid of starting over,
Till she finds her place she will try everything that life put’s in her face,
She will fight and she will overcome, so I’m telling you now don’t challenge her,
Because if she falls then she’ll get right back up,
Because she’ll know that beauty lies in strength, and she will be brave,
She’ll find her voice, and as she speaks the truth will tremor in her veins,
Like her Ummi it’ll take her days to get rid of the shakes,
Because if they cannot hear her people through her voice then she will know that she failed,
And if she does not speak she may as well have lied down to die,
She’ll know that where there is hope, her Ummi is never far away,
She’ll know her father was always strong, and that her brother will keep her safe,
She’ll know that her Mother will always be here to help her along the way,
Because the very people she’ll let in, will be there to knock her down,
And she’ll have to learn to judge the truth from the lies for when her mother’s not around,
And the day I leave, she will pick up my torch and fight,
If you cannot find me, then look for her shining light.


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