You Are Special – Games To Gaza 2012

Little child, you are special beyond belief,
If one day you have nothing, you will always have me,
Your smile lights up my sky, and your laughter is the reason we fight,
Smile little child, we won’t leave you behind.

Little child your dreams are my own and they will come true,
Your courage and strength shines through all that you do,
Your innocence shines through every word that you say,
I wish that we are able to gift you a brighter day.

Little chid you are strong and you are wise,
This world is yours, I see it through your eyes,
You are gifted, and our pride runs through your veins,
When I get back home, I will always whisper your name,
It will give me strength, my heart will stay with you,
Know that I will assist you with all that you choose to do.

Little child, your eyes are as deep as the sea,
Your potential is as vast as the sky, there’s so many things you could be,
I read every sign as you look inside of me,
Please do not fear, you’ve always been stronger than me,
My prayers lie with you, and I will never leave,
All I ask is that you smile, and that you begin to believe.

Written for the Games to Gaza 2012 Project.
Find out more here & get involved.
These children are our hope.


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