Never Alone

I will not lie, I cannot utter these words with ease,
But his silence kills me as he cannot speak of what he sees,
I cannot speak of the pain, without hurting inside,
I cannot begin to tell you what is going through his mind,
You call it weakness when I break down and cry,
I call it strength because we are human and alive,
We still feel the pain and we cannot remove it from our being,
So we cannot be silent in the face of what we are seeing,
You do not cry, you do not realise the pain,
You cannot feel what it is that is driving them insane,
I feel to the core of the person that I am,
So with this blessing that I have, I will do all that I can.

My brother tells me that I am his hope, his heart and his light,
He is my hand, my strength and my might,
Together we are stronger so why do many choose not to unite?
The battle is one, so why are we choosing not to fight?
And if we do we stand in arms against our brothers,
We strike blows that cause pain to the hearts of our mothers,
We should be each other’s light, Guide each other to what is right,
And though the road may be long it’s a mountain we can climb.

Our sister in Iraq will never bow down to the oppressor,
And as she searches for strength, why is it that you forget her?
Your daughter in Kashmir, she needs your hope to hold onto,
She needs to believe there is nothing she cannot do,
Your son in Filasteen, he needs your courage to become,
The man that will fight until his people are one,
Our brothers on the frontlines of our struggle need our help,
There are many ways that we can help though we may not be there.

Our prayers give them courage and the help of our Lord,
Our solidarity gives them strength they never had before,
Our light shows them a path where they are not alone,
As we struggle for justice we become a family, never alone,
Like those who fought before us, we will refuse to taste defeat,
No matter what the loss we will never retreat,
Because we will remain strong in our faith and our dream,
We  will become the point of the sword of Salah-Ud-Deen.

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