You Are Our Courage

These tears aren’t weakness they are my greatest strength,
Witness to every battle and every pain that I’ve felt,
This anger is not weakness it is strength to fight on,
Turns passion to action though the road ahead may be long,
This sadness is not weakness and it will not overcome me,
It is a chapter in the story through which I will become, me.

It’s not just a struggle on my day to day,
It’s a struggle for my people so I can pave them a way,
It’s a struggle to love and it’s a struggle to resist,
It’s a struggle to remind you that I am here and I exist.

I tell you I am strong, you question why I try,
I tell you I have no choice, you look deep inside my mind,
But you find nothing you can read so you choose to assume,
The lies that you find and believe them to be true,
But there’s many things in my life that I wish that I could do,
I guess they will draw the difference between me and you.

I want to make you proud, so that you find strength in me,
I want you to see me try to be all that you said I would be,
I want to walk bare foot through the soil of my motherland,
I want my people to know my heart was never in another land,
I want to receive my Dhadee’s blessings and see the door to our past,
I want to show my people that there is a peace that will last.

I want to walk in the monsoon through the streets of Dhaka,
And provide shelter to every orphan you enslaved,
Show them there is light and a new path to be paved,
I want to walk through Fallujah with a smile and my heart,
I want to show it’s people a love that will never depart.

I want to walk through every refugee camp in Gaza,
Until I have nothing left to give,
I want to be strong and always know how to forgive,
I want to walk through every checkpoint in Jammu,
Until I understand the pain,
Cus I am each and every person you fought to humiliate.

I want to be the whisper that strikes fear in your heart,
I want to be the voice which resonated the truth right from the start,
I want you to know that I will not be silent,
You are yet to see that we are not afraid of your violence.

Dear oppressor, know that at some point I will cross paths with you,
And I will be the reason behind every battle you lose,
Because my strength is the peoples and I act for their good,
You act for a gain, I do this for the love,
So I will fight with my hands and act by my soul,
Till your empires topple and we are in control.


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