Save A Place For Me

I feel sick, like I’ve see inside the heart of your plans,
It’s not like you drew lines of blood so clearly across our lands,
It’s not like you destroyed our humanity with your hands,
And it’s not like you blinded us all and made us afraid to take a stand.

You isolated me thought I seem to be surrounded,
You left me in the heart of the society you founded,
You destroyed our hope yet we continue to build,
Cus our hearts lie in the soil of the graves that you filled.

I’m not going to lie, it kills me inside,
To know that I could not do anything as my brother thought to die,
And that I could not do a thing as my sister screamed to escape,
The torment she faced as a victim of rape,
I carry their stories in my mind, and it’s kills me inside,
Cus you still sit silently as I am striving to fight.

Sit on the sideline, I cannot, I put my heart into this,
You’ll find revolution tattooed in the heart of my fist,
Cus as I fight for my people, I have to fight to resist,
The system they built and the fear they instilled.

Cus together we are strong we have courage and we are brave,
We will break down the walls, and the barriers they placed,
We are not afraid and we are not alone,
We’ll challenge the power in White House and overthrow the throne,
Cus we do not believe the system to be equal,
And this is no time for us to be feeble,
We must demand the rights of our people,
And we will not be silent till we are all equal.

You isolated me, I broke free from the chains,
I did not believe you when you said that I was fighting in vain,
You said that I was not strong, I ask you to challenge me,
I speak in the voice of all my people who bleed,
They are not alone and they will not be silenced,
And cus I will never conform will I be subject to your violence?
I tell you that does not scare me, I do this for the love,
I follow my heart cus my soul told me that I should.

This world makes me sick and yes I mean that literally,
So as I fight to change this, in your hearts please save a place for me.

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