We Are Not Alone

I close my eyes, I see a face without emotion,
I refuse to listen but the vibrations are already in motion,
I open my heart to love, they give us nothing but pain,
I say I have nothing to lose, they say what will you gain?

I wish that I could explain to you the state of my mind,
I wish I could show you the girl who I left behind,
Know that my prayers are lined with thanks and my heart with love,
Though there is pain and hardship, compassion remains above.

Every time I close my eyes, many faces flash before me,
And when I open them, even those I call my own ignore me,
You see patience is key and strength must not be lost,
Weakness is a beauty to which you can put no cost,

Every time I stop to listen, I hear violent screams,
And when I sleep I am haunted by your voices in my dreams,
I cannot escape because your pain is mine,
I do not wish to run, that would be wasting time.

I feel your plight with every beat in my chest,
You see these tears in my eyes; they are witness to your strength
I cannot ignore you, I would be silencing myself,
How do I refuse to be there, when my brother needs my help?

I Say that I’ll be there and I won’t ever leave,
You are our strength, the reason that we believe,
Justice will be served, our people will be free,
We will be amongst those whose pain we relieved.

I wish happiness upon you because your pain is mine,
I wish we would not fight because we are wasting time,
I wish that your sadness is replaced with joy,
I pray that you understand that you are never alone,
I pray you remember your sisters name,
When you need a hand to hold,
Because together we are stronger,
Though this world is so cold.

For my family,
For Ahmed and Doa’a
For Hamza, Sabiha, Eleanor, Abidha and Shazia
And For all those I call my own,
We are not alone.

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