Love Plants the Seeds

Revolution? She’s promoting anarchy,
Trust? Who knows what she believes,
Justice? Like she knows what that is,
Peace? No, she is the terrorist…

I may demand the rights of our people,
I may fight to tell you that they are all equal,
But you see I don’t even need to speak,
They’ve already labelled me,
Why open my mouth,
They’ve already got me figured out.

I may wish for peace,
And a world built on love,
But I can tell you that they are waiting for the day,
That my soul is above,
I may speak for my people,
So that you know of their pain,
But even today the accuse me,
Of doing this for a gain,
I do it for the love that runs through my veins,
And I do it for the people,
Cus you don’t know their names,

I will walk this path whilst you throw your stones at me,
I will always resist because that’s at the heart of me,
It kills me to hear the cries from our lands,
It kills me to know that their blood is on our hands,
So know that I will not stop,
My people will not be betrayed,
I won’t stop till the path to justice has been paved.

I will be their strength, we will be their light,
We will not stop fighting because we know what is right,
We will fight together, we will make a change,
We will seek freedom and break free from the chains.

We are the hope for the generations ahead,
We chose not to believe the lies that we were fed,
You will not silence me, You will not ignore us,
We fight in the name of those who came before us.

Revolution? Yes there must be a change,
Trust? Your Lord, do not bestow that upon me,
Justice? For our people and our children who bleed,
Peace? Through the love we are planting the seeds.

One thought on “Love Plants the Seeds

  1. San’aa, this is one of your best poems yet. And know that people label you and make accusations against you, because you challenge them, and because you challenge the status quo. Take it as a sign that you are on the right path.

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