For the Love

I preach ideas of love, they say I am full of hate,
They say they will silence me and nobody will ever relate,
I say my voice is not mine and these words are not words,
My voice belongs to the people, it cries through this verse,
They relate because like their stones, my words combat the wars,
They never cease to attack but we will always resist more.

Look at the state of my people and then tell me I should be silent,
I’ll laugh at your whispers whilst my words combat their violence,
Look at the state of our soil and tell me that I should not fight,
I’ll laugh at your inability to see what is right,
Look at the blood flowing from the palms of your hands,
Tell me I am insane and I’ll tell you that you will never understand.

Our soils bleed the blood of our martyrs,
Our children’s hearts ache for their fathers,
Our mothers are strong though their tears never dry,
And our sisters are our hope, the reason that we fight.

I speak for my motherland and all the people who are oppressed,
I promise you that my ink will not dry and that I will not rest,
Until our people understand that our battles are one,
Even if it takes my soul, my words will never be proved wrong,
With my final breath I will tell you of honour, humanity and love,
So mark my words as my truth when I’m amongst those above.

Question the state of my mind, I say look at the world through my eyes,
I filter the truth and see straight through the lies,
I refuse to conform, call me a rebel with a cause,
I will demand justice for our people, till I see an end to these wars,
Tattoo freedom across my heart, I do this for the love,
On a scale of importance know that justice remains above,
All the lies we were taught and the barriers that were placed,
In my mind they do not exist, the system was erased.

I do this for the love, tattoo freedom across my veins,
Don’t question my actions even if my words are all that remain.
Because this voice is not mine, and these words are words,
My voice belongs to the people, it cries through this verse..

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