Ladylike Part Two

They tell me I am a woman, so I should not resist,
I answer if I was silent, would you know that I exist?
We should give birth so that the blood lines live on,
Not encourage our people to believe that we are one,
Maybe our silence would be valued more than our voice,
I tell you now, that I was never faced with a choice,
Resist and exist or be silent and die,
As a woman I will speak and you will always question why.

I was inspired by the voices of Tubman, Rachel and Malalai,
They are the strength of their people, no word of a lie,
But I write this cus Ladylike was meant to define,
The spirit of the women, who lived in that time,
So I’ll take two, and introduce you to these women,
Who stood strong and didn’t care if they would fit in.

Meet Tawakkel Karman the face of the resistance of Yemen,
The mother of the revolution, the pride of her women,
She fought for the right to speak out without facing aggression,
Demanded rights for her people in the face of oppression,
From the powers that be, in an unequal society,
She inspired us all with her determination, strength and piety.

I introduce you to Dahlia, the reason that I speak today,
She is strong and for her people she is leading the way,
The voice of truth in a system that lies,
Determination is truly seen when you look into her eyes,
She will always shout “No justice, no peace”
And together we will bring the oppressors to their knees.

Lastly I’ll speak of Asia Geelani my first lady of Kashmir,
She became the voice of the women in a land that silently bleeds,
The voice of truth in the middle of silence,
She was always strong though they displayed violence,
Against her and the people she spoke for,
But she was always strong because of the vision that she saw,
A vision of justice and a quest for freedom,
Even after death, the women of Kashmir, she leads them.

I will always say that Ladylike should be defined,
By the strongest of our kind,
So I strive to give a name to the nameless who remain in my mind,
Not only the women of Iraq, Yemen, Kashmir and Palestine,
But every woman out there who lives to resist,
Who fights everyday for her right to exist.

Ladylike when I say, redesign your state of mine,
Cus either we get or we’re taking what we seek to find,
Ladylike when we unite nations that you tried to divide,
Cus the laws that you passed we strived to defy,
We will always fight because our passion is the light,
We are the hope, and we will take our rights,
From the oppressor because he will see defeat,
Our strength will not fail us and we will not retreat.

Ladylike as I say we won’t ever choose to hide,
We’ll take pride in every ladylike tradition we defied,
Our children are our pride not the chains that you place,
Next they will be us, but you will see a different face.

I say let this word change with the world and it’s times,
And the spirit of the women it attempts to define.
Resist and exist or be silent and die,
As a woman I will speak and you will always question why.


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