Motherland, I am not a foreigner..

I grew up in a foreign land,
Motherland, it’s the soil of your occupiers,
Here I learnt how the truth is silent,
How lies spread like wildfires,
I learnt that I am of no worth,
and you do not exist,
And I damned to fail,
because I chose to resist.
But you taught me I am strong,
and that the battle is within.
That our people will rise,
and that we are destined to win.
You taught me I am the voice of your people,
who they do not hear,
and that I have no reason,
to be drowning in their fears.
You taught me that I must always choose resist,
the day I fail to do that I fail to exist.

They use their power and their might against humanity and love,
We will resist till we die and our souls are above,
We sacrificed our lives for our people and the truth,
In the name of the people who’s live you abused,
Whose soil you left deeply soaked in their blood,
Whilst their martyrs live on as a symbol of love.

Ask me about my pride and I’ll tell you were it lies,
Amongst the mountain peaks and valley of the motherland
It taught me to grow though I was raised in another land,
It lies in the strength and determination of my people
Not the swords of the occupiers cus’ they are weak and feeble.

Strong are the men with their stones,
Defending the lives of their wives while they fear for their own.
My pride lies in the women who never think to give in,
Though they created hell from the heaven which they lived in
It lies In the children who strive for a future that is bright
Regardless of the pain they are sure of what is right.

Amongst them I am weak, foreign, I’m of the occupiers,
I beg that they see that I am not amongst the liars,
My heritage is my pride and my peoples pain is mine,
I do this for you, though I may not leave alive,
I pray for your children, I pray god gives them strength,
They may twist my words when I’m gone but it’s not what I meant.
I meant to ease your pain and assist your fight,
I meant to be your hope,
In your darkest hour, I’ll be your shining light.

3 thoughts on “Motherland, I am not a foreigner..

  1. Beautiful and heartfelt <3 I love it sister! Masha'Allah.. You've inspired this moment with the sincerity and emotion in your words, I thank you.

  2. The Israelis will use the release of prisoners to Hamas against Palestine as a whole. They constantly talk on TV of Hamas not recognising there oppressors but it is Israel that fails to recognise Palestine. Which land is being destroyed every day with constant building and bulldozing. The Prisoners are called Terrorist but how many Terrorist in the IDF have been tried over the killings of the Gaza War!?

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