They ask us where we find our hope,

I find hope in the eyes of the mothers of the oppressed, In the hands of a man who is tired, but knows he cannot rest, Until the battle is won and the final tears are dried, You have faith as you fight and I see hope in your eyes.

Assata said we only have hope for the sake of those without hope, So my aim in life is to show them they can cope, If we cannot dry their tears or replace them with smiles, We lack the strength to support them, or go the extra mile, To restore joy in the abyss of sadness, Or gift an innocent with the prospect of happiness.

The children of Gaza show us strength when they scream,

“Nah’nu Abna-Ul Muslimeen,

Wa kulluna Salah Ud-Deen”,

“We are Muslim and we are all Salah Ud-Deen”, In the faces of the tanks which destroy their dreams, They are the hope, the strength of our quest, Justice will be for them, before that, I will not rest.

I see hope in the children of the world cus it’s theirs, They are determined and they’ll fight regardless of who is there, They have the answers to the puzzles and questions of life, They’ll reap the rewards of the things for which we strive.

Gift them with a world better than the world we were gifted, They are the reason for our hope, we must give them faith. For Ahmed & Doa’a

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