Isolation – In Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners

They put me in a prison away from my wife,
They though their attacks on my dignity would take away my pride,
They thought imprisoning my body would imprison my soul,
Making me think this is where my body would grow old.

I was attacked by the oppressor when he imprisoned my body,
I was not forgotten-  my child he never forgot me,
My life was not taken, my story is alive,
You attack my shell but my soul is still mine.

You turned my day into night, and night into day,
I cannot remember the sun or the end of the day,
I do not know what it is to see natural light,
Your moon and stars are different to mine.

They attack my spirit with insects and torture,
They poison my shell with undrinkable water,
They allow me to suffer and provide no relief,
You couldn’t imagine what they are doing to me.

But my pride lies in the soil of Palestine,
I may not be a martyr but for my land I gave my life,
My child may never hear my voice but I am his pride,
I may have left her alone but I saved my wife.

My soul is free unbound to these walls they created,
I have become that which they always hated.

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