Imaan, Hamza and Sameer

Hamza Al Khateeb, Imaan Al Hamz and Sameer Ahmed Rah,
I wish that I did not have to speak of how your souls were made to depart,
I wish your stories didn’t symbolise the struggle of our people,
& I wish you were brought into a world where the worth of our lives was equal.

You see when Imaan died millions felt the pain,
When Hamza was martyred we vowed that it was not in vain,
& When I heard of Sameer I said that I could not be silent,
Whilst the children of the future were subject to violence.

They martyr out futures so that our mother’s eyes never dry,
They take away our hope and silence our cries,
Our humanity will always be worth more than you lies,
We still resist strongly though you ended our lives.

I wasn’t always aware of pain that we caused,
But awareness means my actions will amount to more,
You should be aware your inaction was the reason for their deaths,
That’s why I will never step down no matter what is ahead.

Hamza, I wish that I could have replaced your tears with a smile,
I strive for a change this isn’t the world that I’d upon a child,
Sameer I wish that your death could be replaced with mine,
Everytime I remember your face my soul aches inside,
Imaan they may have stolen your life but your struggle lives on,
I will fight in your name till my soul is gone.

Your pain is mine, I witnessed your deaths with my soul,
My heart cried tears of blood, your struggle is my own.
I fight on the path of Imaan, Hamza and Sameer,
and I will strive for their justice in the pursuit of peace.

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