Unwritten and Un-silenced

If you face men with bullets and tanks,
You steal the innocence of a child not just the life of a man,
Meet him with respect and he will meet you with more,
But don’t ask him to be fair ,
When you are the reason his child is dead on the floor,

Bomb an Afghani civilian because Osama knocked down the towers,
Myself and millions more believe differently,
Yet who is willing to challenge those in power?
1 million widows in Iraq are crying tears of blood,
Yet NATO meets their tears with bombs to remove any signs of love,
Somalia is dying from famines and drought,
So we gift children close to death by attacking them with drones,
Many Yemeni’s live in poverty but we are still attacking them too,
Are the Pakistani’s in Swat any different to me and you?
Palestinian children are terrorists because they meet your tanks with stones,
Am I a terrorist too because I too would pick up a stone?
Cameron provides arms to India to attack civilians in Jammu,
Am I a terrorist because I say I support them civilians too?

Would you rather I stood silent as you waged your wars,
Would you rather I believed your lies and never questioned your cause?
You pay for the death and oppression of my people,
And you pay for our children to be taught they are not equal,

I refuse to believe your lies to be truth,
There’s not a word from Obama’s mouth I’d hesitate to dispute,
I refuse to be silent whilst you wage your wars on humanity,
You martyred Baouzizi while he cried “You will not see the end of me.”

You may end my life but never end my words or beliefs,
To the oppressor – know that the truth will ring true
Long and after your souls have left,
Divine justice will prevail when you meet your end,
Know no money or oil will come to your defence.

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