Beyond the Walls of Your Fort

Poverty is political.
Politics is run by terrorists,
Terror comes from capitalists,
In pursuit of profit.

Love breeds humanity,
Humanity wishes for peace,
Peace isn’t profit,
Though it was preached by the prophets.

I am what I am,
This is what it is,
I ask for peace, justice and love for humanity,
So you label me a terrorist?
I ask you to set my brother free from this place you created,
Instead you choose to torture, the physical and mental,
In places like Guantanamo,
You attack humanity and expect me to be silent,
Your society created me,
Your experiment was flawed.

You wish to control minds and bodies,
But In pursuit of our souls you will never succeed,
Today we remember the lives you undermined,
We will not accept defeat,
We speak of YOUR terror beyond the walls of your fort,
Your crimes across the globe will never disappear,
Attack my mind you will find no fort,
My brother tells me “I’m physically and spiritually free.”

For Hamza.


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