Understand Why

Nobody criticises me more than I,
You can question but never understand why,
You may always believe that you are better than I,
I see no difference, we all inhibit the same earth under the sky.

You ask me why I say that their pain is mine,
I say I believe that your silence is a crime,
I say I never understood how you could cover up your lies,
I was always taught love before hate, never sever your ties,
Forgiveness is a gift which is clearer than this vision of mine,
Truth is powerful and only stronger when my passion is combined.

Riddicule me in hope that I will change my stance,
I find courage in the eyes of the children who stand before tanks,
They are stronger than I, they wipe away tears,
Ready to fight against tyrants without any fear.

See death is a gift for a man who is oppressed,
Liberates him from the prison of life with the last beat of his chest.

You may forever struggle to comprehend with this battle I fight,
I will always label that the greatest difference between you and I.

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