Call Me Insane

I refuse to accept your lies as our truth,
I refuse to believe I must accept your views,
I refuse to agree to your agenda’s and news,
So call me insane, am I not the same as you?

You are unjust I refuse to coerce,
I wish for peace, yet you say my mind’s in reverse,
I speak and whisper truth your terror equals violence,
I protest your insanity, will I be violently silenced?

You may look at me like I am unaware,
But the facts exist they are present in this air,
That we breathe, so please don’t look at me,
Like I am unaware in a pursuit to be free.

While I face millions ahead unafraid of my fears,
Don’t question my sanity while my peoples screams scar my ears,
Children are hearing drones and know nothing but bombs,
So for me to remain silent and sane would be wrong,
I feel the pain of those who you choose to ignore,
I am aware of the plight and I pray for strength to do more,
You are insane – Living life turning a blind eye to the pain,
I may not be what you think to be sane,
But I am human and alive, I know I’m trapped in a cage,
So I live and I fight to end my peoples plight and pain.

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