Spare A Thought

See I no longer sleep, you can see that in my eyes,
The double standards mean nothing, I see past your lies,
My heart bleeds for Hama, Srinagar and Gaza,
Anger within me makes my heart beat faster,

Chemical weapons embed death within soil,
And wars are fought for monetary gain and oil,
A child in Kabul knows nothing but war,
And the same could be said for those who came before,
Now we stain Libyan soil with our imperialist cause,
We drone Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, like we can afford more,
Children starve to death in Africa’s east,
But we keep the world on it’s knees whilst we indulge in its’ feast,

So I ask how can you eat with so much blood on your hands?
We send aid to Gazan shores but only blood reaches the sands,
We demand justice but they spread terror in our lands,
But know that a free mind has the power to destroy what you had planned,

We do this for those you undermined for Diego Garcia to Baghdad,
And those who throw stones when they know where the tanks at,
So spare a though for those who were slaughtered in your name,
Know for some life is more than a sick twisted game,
We will demand justice and march through the night,
We will stand and fight until we get what were denied.

I ask you to spare a thought for those whose lives will never be the same,
For those who died in the wars fought in your name,
For the generations of Iraqi’s that will never taste life,
And for those who died, as I picked up this pen to write.


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