I Am Ashamed

Are you not ashamed of the way that you live?
What is life when there is no purpose to fulfil?
Call it a gift but close your eyes to the innocents who are killed,
Say you are blessed but close the doors to you heart and don’t forgive.

I’m ashamed to have been born within a system which lies,
And ashamed to live this life whilst others starve and die,
I’m ashamed that there are children dying and I don’t know their names,
I’m ashamed that I didn’t stand to speak years before today.

I don’t live in Utopia I see the world for what it is,
I see inaction and that I cannot forgive,
We are the reason behind the tears of the oppressed,
And there is no excuse for the ignorance of the rest,
Knowledge is power spend life in its pursuit,
But ignorance is bliss, so you do what suits you.

Money may buy power, but happiness is not greed,
Money is what causes negativity to breed,
Happiness belongs to those who recognise their souls,
And take their place in this life where we were all given roles,
To fulfil a dream in the service of another,
See I see no difference between my mother & another’s,

I see my life as the cause of peoples pain,
So at night my demons haunt me & drive me insane,
So when I wake my voice is the oppressed’s – we have a common aim,
That is justice so please, I ask you to forget my name,
I do not exist, my people are the ones who you should know,
It’s their lives & their struggles that I wish for this to show.

4 thoughts on “I Am Ashamed

  1. Nevertheless I am proud when thousands of my sisters and brothers
    unite to fight injustice;
    I sing the praises of thousands of unknown heroes of their own lives
    Who find and spread loving sharing and resisting
    Every time they can see clearly enough to do so.

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