My Soul Isn’t at Peace

I cannot sleep because we are not at peace,
They say this world is a prison for those who believe,
I believe there is right and wrong and no lines in between,
And that if you choose to speak you should only utter what you mean,
I believe in heaven & fear hell aswell,
And believe in those who Allah sent to guide us when we fell,
I believe in love, freedom and justice,
And I am not prepared to believe this is what just is,
I believe in truth and value it above your lies,
And I believe my life is the reason for their cries.

Do I count this life as a blessing or a curse?
We have money but we live in a world far worse,
Than the poor who are humble and know what is their worth,
Nobody could put a price to their souls; not a man on this earth,

I carry the burden of death and your wars on my back,
And when an enemy strikes friends are quick to attack,
I stand for justice & peace and get told it is a lie,
I say “Search my soul through the vision in my mind”

See I recognise a man through the door to his soul,
Eyes convey the tales of many stories untold,
Like my brother I find it hard to sleep,
Cus my soul is ashamed and I am not at peace.

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