The Real Victim

Can I ask what you see in me through your eyes?
Do you see the product of those whose lives you denied?
Do you see a girl with no place to hide,
Cus her words ring true though there is fear in her eyes.

I see a path unwind and darkness ahead,
But my truth is stronger than the lies you’ve been fed,
You see my soul is alive cus of the pain you inflict,
While the masses are unaware that they were tricked,
Into walking a line where ignorance is bliss,
Accountability is rare and it’s hard to admit,

So I ask who is the real victim in this?

Is it the child whose tears forever brew in his eyes?
Or the man who knows truth but lives with the lies
The woman who was left alone on this earth?
Or the one who believes money will show her, her worth?

See our actions determine the fate of our sisters,
So as I speak these words I pray you have the strength to listen,

I am nothing but the product of your division and lies,
My humanity & your lack of it painted this vision in my mind,
As you bind natures instinct of fear  with you lies,
My vision remains clear as I hear their cries,

Everything equals profit so I question what I touch,
Knowing my mere existence is a lie I don’t wish for much,
Except that you open your eyes and refuse to be blind,
Touch the passion in my words- introduce it to your life.

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