Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and tell me what do you see?
Is reality harsher than your vision of peace?

When I open my eyes  I see reality and greed,
A world where men choose power and let their souls bleed,
I see the murder of Hamza Al Khateeb,
I witness his death though it’s hard to perceive,

When I close my eyes I wish that you could see,
The vision in my mind that causes my heart to bleed,
I close my eyes & I see a vision peace,
A vision you could truly say was hard to believe,
I see fallen angels and faces I miss,
Reality is cruel so I see what I wish.

The world in a state where division is rare,
Where if my brother was to bleed every soul would care,
If another needed time everybody would share,
Where through the words of a man his soul would be bare.

Lies, greed, intolerance and hate,
Would be a vision of the past long locked away,
Pain would not exist nor would terror be disguised,
Fear would be a myth no longer seen in your eyes.

When I breathe my last breath and I close my eyes,
Take my vision from this page and witness it through your life.

2 thoughts on “Close Your Eyes

  1. Thanks Sister….its comforting someone else understands what I’m going through. Love you missy :)

  2. You say it all so clearly San’aa. It really is so crazy that people are afraid of peace and choose war instead, especially when our reality is so ugly.

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