Our Struggle is One

I pray that one day I open my eyes to a world without pain,

A world where a smile replaces insanity & hate,

I pray that till then we understand our place,

When a brother is in pain, I feel his tears on my face.


We can see your pain is ours whilst we aren’t really trying,

Words don’t mean a thing to a mother who’s child’s dying,

Nor do they account for the lives which are lost,

See our silence does harm and our brothers pay the cost,


When your brother is in pain how can you watch and stand by?

When he needs a rock, how can you let him cry?

What’s the difference between you & her when a sister is in need?

Would you help or let the wound cut & watch a sister bleed?


Claim her pain & his tears are yours,

Keep their names & the face in your thoughts,

Leave the division & the barriers behind,

Remember our struggles are one forever intertwined.


When you cry, your tears leave my eyes,

When you smile, I see through the lies,

You bring peace so I’m here your pain is mine,

I remember you said our struggles are intertwined.

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