Will I Live to See Justice?

Will I live to see justice?
Or is what I’m living what just is?

I always questions, Am I really helping?
Or am I just a person who can’t help but think,
The tears that fall in Gaza are mine,
& I can truly see past your terror and your lies,
I question their answers because it could never be true,
A child in Sudan is no different to me and you.

They speak of the East, but the East depends on where a man stands,
In the East I see the beauty of Asian lands,
Intertwined with a war torn Vietnam,
I see the remenants of empire as they still struggle to stand,
In the West I see power hungry men in suits,
Who think money is the way to escape from the truth,
I see corporations grow in a capitalist world,
And I watch as I see them destroy the beauty of this Earth.

But true beauty lies in the souls who resist,
Who fight through the nights for their right to exist,
You see when I look at the world I see division and greed,
But I also see people who are who they would never want us to be,
I see unity as we stand in solidarity with the oppressed,
& I see a world where positivity will overcome & progress,
So I stand in solidarity with those whose names they do not know,
Till we give them back their lives & show that they are not alone.


6 thoughts on “Will I Live to See Justice?

  1. An inspiring poem San’aa, you have depicted true beauty in the world with your words-as you say the real beauty is the resistance of the opressed. Incredible wording, You have such an amazing talent! xxx

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