Children of Detainees Protest at Erez Crossing

Tomorrow on the 30th of June 2011, the children of detainees plan to stage their own form of protest against the illegal conditions in which their fathers are detained. These children have not been allowed to visit their fathers and know them only through pictures passed down to them from family members. The

y wish to have their voices heard and tomorrow will be their chance.

Children of Detainees at the Red Cross Weekly Sit In in Gaza

The International Solidarity Movement, The Ministry of Detainees and Waed have organised a day for these children to express their emotions. The children will make kites and write messages to their fathers on them. They will then march to Erez Crossing where they will fly these kites in hope that their messages will reach their fathers who are imprisoned in Israel. This will be followed by a press conference which will be covered by Al Jazeera and Al Aqsa Tv Channels and broadcasted worldwide giving the children the chance to have their voices heard and to express their pain in the hope that somebody may help them.

Cases of injustice to children such as this are common in Palestine as Israel doesn’t recognise these children’s or their parent’s rights.  Days like this are planned to help restore faith in the hearts of the children whose fathers are detained in Israeli prisons and to pressure Israel into granting them permission to visit their fathers.

One thought on “Children of Detainees Protest at Erez Crossing

  1. Dear Sanaa this is really painful to hear about the apathy of my Palestinian brethren….Like I said before I could not resist myself from crying when I watched a documentary about Palestine…and I know That was just a tip of the ice berg…the real pain lies deep in my dear Palestinian brothers….May Allah bring Peace and justice in Palestine soon and Allah Almighty free it from the shackles of the occupation….Aaameen

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