Stand For Justice

The cost of standing for justice is different for us all,

Give your life, Give your soul, or let your brother’s fall,

Will they shoot me for standing in solidarity with the oppressed?

Will they hurt me for being active in the struggle while they rest?

Will they tell me justice is something other than what we believe?

Will they teach me fear and torture me with the sound of my own screams?


Throw a stone at a tank that symbolises your oppression,

Soldiers react with nothing less than aggression,

See your father die in a prison cell, when nobody helps,

Ask for your brother’s life, because his is close to hell,

Climb a wall to see your land, take a bullet to the heart,

Then watch your mother cry as your soul departs.


Vow to get back your god given rights,

May not be armed but decide that you will fight,

Cus’ you need to get home, because it’s where you belong,

They’ve been fighting so long you’re not afraid of their bombs,

Understand that fear dies but a martyr lives on,

Till the final battle and final drop of blood has gone.


Juliano said the third intifada would be the intifada of the arts,

So learn revolutions guided by love and follow your hearts,

Justice will be served both in life & in death,

So use your time wisely until you breathe your last breath,

When another brother will rise to take back his rights,

Because united we rise and overcome the battles we fight.

7 thoughts on “Stand For Justice

  1. Beautiful words San’aa, beautiful and strong. It is essential that the choices we make in life are for the good of all human beings, and that we recognise everyone in their struggle as we would our own family. You have captured this perfectly with your words :) xxx

  2. Bars GO IN! Once again my sister has smashed it! Big things are going to come from you San’aa Sultan!!
    Love you sis :) xx

  3. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT ! You probably wonder why this face shows up so often >> :O , but you always write so amazing-ly :’) <3

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