Have you heard of the Gaza strip?

Where they try to instil fear but we never cease to resist,

Cannot break our spirit so they drop bombs on the homes where we live,

But when we fall, we fall with our fists in the sky,

Because our Martyrs live on, we will never die,

Look at this soil where our fathers’ blood has dried,

See the stains from the tears our mothers have cried,

Look at death and destruction, designed to rule our lives,

Bombs made not to kill us once but a million times.

But still we stand strong; they could never take away hope,

Her candle still burns and we can still cope,

Generations lived to fight for their right to exist,

Challenged the barriers ahead as they fought to resist.

You put men in a cage, but you couldn’t imprison their souls,

The faces may be new but the vision is old,

They painted freedom on the walls that you placed,

And drew strength in the times of the wars which they faced.

Children taught to throw stones, in the faces of tanks,

Taught to be strong as the soldiers advance,

Taught courage from fathers they may never have known,

And to guard a land which they know is their own.

Their struggle has inspired millions to fight,

To give voice to their struggle and demand what is right.

So I say this for Gaza, and the children within,

Your struggle is mine and one day we will win.

3 thoughts on “Have you heard of the Gaza strip?

  1. “You put men in a cage, but you couldn’t imprison their souls” . . . that is what is so remarkable about them. I don’t know that I could have such a die hard spirit like they do.

  2. With all these difficulties facing the Palestinian people, but we will keep always smile, because God will not forget this people will never forget 63 years of killings and displacement by the Zionist state

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