Place of My Parent’s Birth

My existence is questioned by my nationality & culture,

Because “my” government tore apart my homeland like vultures,

So for me not to take pride in my people when they rise,

Is like watching them as they are denied of their rights.

I hear the cries of my blood stained homeland,

& I speak to give voice to the rights they demand,

Divide & conquer a land and stain the soil with blood,

But my people will stand & they will rise above,

The barriers you placed & the lines of division you drew,

Stood men in front of death, who were no different from me and you,

You didn’t tell me of the Indian occupation of my land,

And that you’d placed a line of “war” in the heart of our land,

You lined the soil with centuries of pain,

All for your own personal gain.

You brought my family here, because they fought in your wars,

But you could not give our people independence, it was all talk,

You brought me up to be afraid of my people,

To be ashamed of my culture & believe we are not equal,

You taught me hatred & lies, taught me they were not I,

Taught me that I should not care if they were to die,

But my people & my homeland inspire me to fight,

To give voice to their struggle & their god given rights.

Kashmir, was given to me as a gift in my blood,

So I speak for its children like fate knew I would,

I take pride in my culture, like you said I never should,

Kashmir is evident in me as it is in my blood.

“Kar do Kashmir ko Azaad, Kashmir Zindabaad.”

Take me back to Kashmir, place of parent’s birth,

Blood in my veins, they’ll teach me what its worth.


3 thoughts on “Place of My Parent’s Birth

  1. Wow! I love this, it is truly amazing. You are so intelligent and gifted, and you will never forget your heritage. You have a lot to be proud of, for yourself and for your people xxx

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