Al Nakba

A bullet for a stone & you claim justice is served,

We can no longer be blind this is not what we deserve,

Imprison our children & take away our lives,

You may never listen, but someone will hear our cries,

Over 6 decades of pain, you stole more than our land,

But today we call this the beginning of the end of your plans.

63 years of resistance, but my brothers still stand strong,

63 years of resistance, in the land where my sisters belong,

63 years of resistance and today our children throw stones,

63 years of resistance and we still demand what is our own,

You cannot break Palestine’s strength, today they will return,

For 63 years you believed their hopes would crash and burn.

Genocide and ethnic cleansing meant Al Nakba lives on,

But we will not stop till the Zionist regime is gone,

We will not waver from this path as we demand our rights,

We will stand united and strong cus we are ready to fight,

We will demand the right to return from the river to the sea,

And we will chant these words till Palestine is free.

“Free our people, Long Live Palestine”


6 thoughts on “Al Nakba

  1. RARRRRRRGH!!! Sis I’m telling you, this is a big one, you gotta record this!!
    Your the voice of the voiceless like Dr D said!
    My uncle loves it too! :)
    enough love to you sis, my inspiration ^_^

  2. =O You’ve just knocked off your personal best !! I swear you’re just getting better and better =D I love it completely :) Major use of imperative eh ? ;D <3

  3. SPEECHLESS! not 1 uter word in my mouth! this is amazing. this is what we really need in the world. more people like sana. if you cannot find a role model just be one. stay strong all them out there. BIG UP SANA SULTAN FROM DERBY! X

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