Baouzizi, Rachel And Vittorio

I cannot fight so I pick up my pen instead,

Write in the voice of a man who they thought was dead,

They killed one and a million more men were left,

Because they could not take his soul as they took his breath.

So as they oppose those who seek to kill & imprison the movement,

& they bury their martyrs in the soil because they will never lose them,

He still stands in with them in the streets & demands his rights,

With those who chant from their roofs and protect their wives,

From Bahrain to Yemen we can feel his plight,

In the voice of a nation who knows that freedom is in sight.

You cannot silence a man by taking away his rights,

You cannot silence a man, who is ready to fight,

You cannot silence a man, who is not afraid of death,

A man like Mohammed Baouzizi as he faced his death.

I feel cursed to exist in this world were inhumanity is normal,

Where discussing peace at tables is a formality to bore us,

In a world where resistance is silenced by armed attacks,

Where the media won’t tell us to care – We might fight back,

So I take inspiration from those who did not stand by and watch,

From those in my mind who I will never forget,

They said that freedom would come but it would never be easy,

So we say this for Rachel Corrie & Vittorio Arrigoni,

You gave your life for the cause and your legacy’s live on,

Until injustice & inhumanity are gone

And even beyond.

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