The Pain of Fallujah

Fallujah was bombed in April and November,

And it is us, who should be forced to remember,

Because it is our taxes that funded the war on Iraq,

And our media that vowed to keep us in the dark,

So today I stand for the mothers, who fight in Fallujah,

And honour those whose blood stained the soil of Fallujah.

Because our hands are stained with the loss of their lives,

And 11 years on conditions are worse than Hiroshima.

Remember Nagasaki & Hiroshima in 1945,

Fallujah is worse for those who are alive,

Leukaemia and cancer eat away the souls of the youth,

They left a legacy of death – with living proof,

Babies deformed as they formed in the womb,

Depleted Uranium massacred & destroyed the future too.

Genetic damage, shapes the future with images we do not see,

But these children are no different, to you and me,

Their mothers are like ours, but they live & witness the pain,

In situations that could drive them insane.

Rising rates of cancer leave generations scarred,

So for the child of Fallujah save a place in your heart.

A war based on false accusations & oil,

Left a legacy of death rooted in the soil,

A man who couldn’t pronounce the names said the words,

That started the war which ended their world.

So as a race we should call for justice in Fallujah,

And we should remember the pain that we left in Fallujah.

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