We Do Not Resist On Our Own

In Gaza, drones swarm in the skies in the night,

But in they eyes of Gaza’s children, freedom is in sight,

In Bahrain, they fight the regime & refuse to step down,

So when Saudi invaded, resistance is what they found,

In Yemen, people protest, but Saleh refuses to leave,

So  the people will fight on for what they believe,

In Kashmir, children are imprisoned and fathers are dead,

And mothers fight to resist, with all they have left,

In Egypt the revolution lives on, in the streets & the minds,

Mubarak may be gone, but they are asking for their lives,

Libya isn’t as simple as watching the BBC & Sky news,

The corrupt media lies, will never change my views,

With the pain of Fallujah, I hear the cries of Iraq,

A nation stained in blood, whilst we are in the dark,

For the children of Helmand, I hear Afghanistan,

I promise to them that I will do all that I can,

White phosphorous burns the flesh of Fallujah & Lebanon,

And remains in the wounds of the dead, killed at Baghram,

I see murder & brutality & crimes against humanity,

So for me to remain silent is a form of insanity,

As everywhere I look I see intolerance and hate,

And though I was taught not to care or try to relate,

When they spill our blood all over the globe,

I will refuse to believe that we resist on our own,

So I will stand in solidarity with those, whose names you do not know,

Till you give them back their freedom,  & they are in control.

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