They’re Bombing for Peace

Hear they go again; they are bombing for peace,

In Libya they were fighting to bring the regime to its knees,

They wanted Gaddafi weak so they could force him to leave,

So please remember their cries before you choose what you believe,

Is it a coincidence they invaded Iraq today in 2003,

Or that they claimed they would help its people be free,

Remember goverments don’t fight for the sake of humanity,

C’mon believing that would truly be a form of insanity,

Did they not sell weapons to Gaddafi to enforce his regime?

Or is just me who see’s that they are switching teams,

They said Iraq was invaded to rid the people of Sadam,

& now they bomb Libya to free the people of a man,

8 years on and look at the state of Iraq,

Do the people on Libya need to be victim to that?

The UK is a democracy & they say that we have rights,

So will Cameron listen if we tell him not to fight?

Blair did not listen to the people as they marched,

To end a war in Iraq, cus it is still happening now,

So next time he says it’s a democracy, I’ll ask him how,

Mr. Cameron don’t tell me you are for democracy, you are not,

We’re telling you not to fight, but you refuse to stop,

Mr. Cameron Gaddafi has been in power for 42 years,

British weapons are what caused his people to live in fear,

Mr. Cameron would you send a man to war if he was your son?

If war wasn’t profit would you rejoice when you won?

Mr. Cameron in Gaza people die, but you don’t push to protect them,

You have not evolved if you still see the world as us and them.

It’s capitalism, when the UK & the US profit from the wars,

They’re making money as people are left dead on the floors,

As blood seeps through the soil, money is made,

Now do you still believe that it is just to invade,

This war is wrong, and these people will die,

Their families will part & their mothers will cry.

You “protect” Libya while other countries are in turmoil,

I say it’s because Libya is known to be rich in oil.

Mr Cameron this war is wrong you cannot bomb for peace.

8 thoughts on “They’re Bombing for Peace

  1. absolutley amazing, the words you use are so powerful. your very talented. and just incase you didn’t get it i totally agree with your speech of mind, inspiring :-) xx

  2. Mr Cameron open yours eyes and listen to my sis
    theirs innocent people dying cuz of this
    just stay out of it and u will be okay
    cuz ur soldiers wont get killed by Gaddaf-ay
    brilliant poem sis, real talk! :) im just not on your level yet :(

  3. I do not support any forms of war,
    When will government realise that the people are not fools,
    We are all aware of the reasons for going to war,
    We are not fooled by your public display of compassion for the people,
    You are in it for profit, no more, no less.
    And those who vote you into power are traitors to our RACE!

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