I Cannot Be Ignorant When…

I want my children to be raised not in a cage, nor on the street,

& when they’re fighting for their rights, they will be stable on their feet,

So as they are marching through the streets they will not settle for defeat,

Standing in solidarity with all those on their path, who they meet.

In the spirit of the Arabs who will not settle for defeat,

as the legacy of those who died before victory was achieved.

I feel the pain when my brothers are killed by the tyrants,

Cus if they are not free then I am not either,

And I still feel the pain when my sisters are silenced,

Cus out on the street, they are subject to violence,

I feel the pain when a father’s blood stains the face of his child.

& runs through the street, so they see red for many miles,

Others lie in the street with their fists in the sky,

The souls may leave but the spirit will never die,

When a man no longer fears death, he will fight,

Give his last breath so he can question the lies,

And when they question the lies the people will rise,

And when the people rise the revolutions disguised.

The people are strong cus they were subject to violence,

They fight for their rights to break free from the tyrants,

Children are dying & mothers cry as they loose them,

But their legacy lives on in the spirit of movement,

So In the streets of Benghazi they fight the attacks,

Fight to resist till their freedom is back,

In Bahrain they chant for their rights, on their roofs in the night,

They will not stop till the freedom’s in sight,

In Yemen the people fight & I am hearing their cries,

Hearing their cries, So I cannot settle for the lies,

people are fighting and people are dying,

Whilst families are lost & mothers are left crying.

I cannot be ignorant, when my brothers are murdered,

I cannot be ignorant, when they paint humanity as a burden,

I cannot be ignorant when my sisters are silenced,

I cannot be ignorant, whilst I witness the violence.

I do not have the strength they do when they stand against tyrants,

But as I speak of their struggle & I will never be silenced.

4 thoughts on “I Cannot Be Ignorant When…

  1. A very moving poem San’aa, and as usual you are so right. How can anyone be silent when there is injustice all around us? Well done for speaking up and speaking the truth and encouraging others to open their eyes :) xxx

  2. An excellent poem.. You are very talented mashallah… your words are haunting and hopefully they open the eyes of those who are asleep

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