My Pen Will Forever Be My Sword

May not be man enough to fight in these wars,

But as a woman my pen will forever be my sword,

I will write with power beyond the force of your bombs,

& my words will provide reason for why the fighting is wrong,

Because it is my children who have died in these wars,

& their fathers who die fighting for your cause,

It is I who hear my daughters screams in the night,

Because foreign soldiers here do more than just fight,

They raped & exploited the land I was proud to call pure,

& you would never have the strength to see what I saw,

In the night I hold my children close to my heart,

As they drop the bombs which will tear us apart,

The land is stained with the blood of my brothers,

& the tears that flow from the eyes of their mothers,

The soldiers may one day go but the pain will never leave,

As I see my mother in a state of eternal grief.

The bodies that line the soil of the earth,

Were never given the place that they deserved,

They fought to save our lives every day & every night,

But soldiers took my parents & my child & my husband’s pride.


6 thoughts on “My Pen Will Forever Be My Sword

  1. Beautiful and sad and the same time. You have a wonderful way with words, keep doin g what you are doing, you are speaking up for those who can not be heard :) xxx

  2. your the voice of the voiceless, that poem got to me like all of your poems do :’) this was upsetting but you got bars!!
    i’ll talk to Asif this week if i can get hold of him and get you studio time.
    :) xx

  3. you inspire me san’aa, its amazing what you can right and i really do believe you can go far. you use such powerful words that really catch peoples’ hearts…please carry on what you are doing and dont ever stop! :D

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