I Hope Through My Words You Relate To Me

What u got in your heart bruv, can you decide?
I can represent places like Iraq and Palestine with pride

May the 15th 5 hundred & thirty villages depopulate,
The IDF do worse today and that was nineteen fourty eight
Gaza’s crying in the middle east but has the world moved
The UN can’t do anything until Obama has approved
What do you know of the blockade on the Gaza strip
Know my heart goes out to those on each and every ship
May the 31st the day not aid but blood reached the shores
respect to the buried who’s legacy’s will see an end to the wars
Rachel Corrie’s now a sign of courage & good will,
She was too a girl with a great dream to fulfill,
Died as she tried to save a family home from destruction,
By the same people guilty, of war crimes, deaths, & abduction.
To the children of Palestine I’m not going to forget you
One day I hope I can proudly speak of the times that i met you.

Iraq was invaded what for the oil and the gas
Politicians write the peace but does the peace last
We’ve heard the words like Basra on the Tv so many times,
But how many rappers mention it in there rhymes
In Baghdad a bomb blast leaves another family dead
Now tell me what kind of image does that put in your head
When war was to be declared protestors  marched in millions,
So why’s there British troops out there killing civilians
I don’t know the dates for what’s happening there,
But in Iraq there’s British troops who think it aint fair,
the say imperialism, is gone so what do we call this?
Is it not colonizing a country or do we just ignore it.
they said Saddam was bad but is Obama even more so
Thinking of the plight hurts like missing part of my torso
To the children of Iraq from me this is a message
I take pride in you so be proud of your heritage

Afghanistan, was first and look what’s happening there
See we know these places but what relation do we share
See a child in Helmand orphaned by a soldier
Now what will he be thinking as he’s getting older?
Nothing cus it’s just another youth whose thinking militant
He’ll blow himself up, his life is insignificant
is that the kind of message that a child should be used to
Is it the kind of world you want your child introduced to,
the situations in Afghanistan, again i don’t know dates,
the troops and civilians, who has higher death rates?
They’re searching for Osama but prove to me that he exists,
Is it right for a person to fit all he has in his fist,
Is it fair for a human being to become dehumanised
Writing this there is so much I’ve realised
So to the child of Afghanistan there’s so much I need to learn,
& I hope as a human being one day your respect I will earn

We live in democracy and I guess I can air my views
But where’s the truth that I speak of when I watch the news
Who do you represent when there’s millions who need it
Finkelstein wrote book maybe I should sit down and read it
Cus I agreed when Lowkey said the chain on your neck is irrelevant
And that we’d been conditioned to be ashamed of intelligence
Maybe if we weren’t we’d take some pride in our world
And stand up for something true that someday we learnt
I do this for the kids, from Vietnam, to Sudan, to Palestine,
Tied to every child in the world there’s a passion of mine
There’s no blood bond but there’s love this is fate to me
We don’t share heritage but i hope through my words you relate to me

One thought on “I Hope Through My Words You Relate To Me

  1. Brilliant as always :) I am glad you mentioned Rachel Corrie, your lovely words echo her legacy. I read some emails she had written to her mum (can’t remember where they were published) and in one of them she said something along the lines of ‘Is this the world you wanted to raise me in?’ after witnessing the horrors civilians in Gaza were suffering at the hands of the Israeli military. Powerful words, keep it up sis :)

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