Lady Like – Inspired by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

Why should I sit silent, showcasing manners,

It don’t make sense I’m demanding the answers,

Tell me why as a woman should I not be noticed,

It circled my mind as I sat down and wrote this,

Sisters and mothers still fighting oppression,

Through wars by tyrants who try to oppress them,

I stand by this mic & I stand to address them,

Their strength & dignity still fights to protect them,

A mother would never let harm come to her child,

A woman would fight, let passion’s go wild,

So empower yourselves; don’t let them dictate you,

Freed your own mind, don’t let it phase you.

Speak, together & loud show your intelligence.

Redefine meanings cus  you don’t believe that they’re irrelevant.


Hariet Tubman made a sound with what she did underground,

Respect to her, for sharing freedom with the slaves that she found,

She saved our ancestors, who they chained & enslaved,

She paved them a way when she helped them escape,

Was it ladylike in the time to do what she did?

Maybe that’s why she didn’t share her name & she hid.

Malalai Joya still shouts we hear her voice in the air,

Giving hope to the women of Afghanistan where nobody cares,

She should be honoured for what she did in turbulent times,

As a women she stood & overstepped all the lines,

Critisist of the US stuck between the greatest warlords of our time,

She stood always strong though we feared for her life,

As I speak of Rachel Corrie I say bow your heads in Respect,

She stood protesting in the Raffah with good will as she left,

Innocent, Strong hearted, & philanthropic from her birth,

I pray her legacy lives on in all the young girls of the world.

Now Ima say Ladylike should be defined by the strongest of our kind,

As I give name to the nameless who remain in my mind,

The women who build the resistance, from Vietnam, to Sudan, to Palestine.

Let us define it by their strength & hope for them it will be a sign


Ladylike when i say; redesign your state of mind,

Cus either we get it, or we’re taking what we seek to find,

Ladylike; when we unite nations that you tried to divide,

Cus the laws that they passed we strived to defy.

We decided to fight, because there would be a light,

Supremacy spectate’s but equality, that’s our right,

So hear my words as I speak, because I will not retreat,

The chains that they placed I seek to defeat.

Ladylike; as I say that I won’t ever choose to hide,

I’ll take pride in every  ladylike tradition I defied,

Let the word change with the world & it’s times,

& the spirit of the women that it attempts to define.


15 thoughts on “Lady Like – Inspired by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

  1. thank you for this poem… i will be sharing this on facebook…
    and if inspiration hits me i might translate it into dutch, will tell you if it happens

  2. amazing indeed very inspiring , and this poem it will be on the top of my list. i just want to get up and do something, like am now, but i want to do so much more then just what i stuck to do… i will break trough.

    thank you

  3. Excellent write! Often enpowerment is mistaken as a priviledge given by others, that to stand up for oneself against the societal custom of the day is not proper. This was a great sword slash to puncture that belief.

  4. Yes, definitely inspiring.

    I found your blog through the Poet’s Rally and I’m glad I did.

    There is so much sentiment and passion behind the words here; it makes for a truly powerful piece.

    I would suggest a few checks for spelling and grammar, if you are interested? I think with some cleaning up, this great message could be a truly wonderful poem.

    Keep on writing. Try out different styles and continue to challenge yourself. At this rate, I believe you could really achieve something with your work.

    Keep it up!

  5. This speaks strongly to the book I just wrote : Linguistics of a Lady …. Sometimes we just dont want to be lady like! Just want to let loose and wear different hats! Good read…

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    Hope all is well.

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