Civilisation Is Said To Be The Art Of Bieng Civil

I opened my eyes to the injustice & lies,
To see people denied of the right to live their lives.
& others who were terrorised till they became dehumanised,
& children in fear who doubted they’d live through the night,
After freeing my mind I began to realise,
My life didn’t compare to those who continuously fight.
Negative energy does nothing but breed enemies,
So I say I’m positive you won’t see the end of me,
people are corrupt & the world is unjust,
like peace was a vision that was left to rust,
The seed of revolution was planted in my mind,
& if you were to question me that is what you’d find,
Meaning now I cannot be blind to the pain & the wars,
& I cannot stand silent whilst they’re planning many more,
Injustice & terror that they cause, is covered by their lies,
But no matter what they say they won’t blind my eyes,
So i feel to fight to break free from the chains,
& Seek justice for lives lost by their bombs & their planes,
Civilisation, is said to be the art of being civil,
But I cannot say we are we need a route in the middle,
Without Honesty, & Justice, peace will remain in the mind,
& Equality will be a dream left without a sign

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