They Make It Hard To Exist

This is the first peice I ever performed. @ De Montford University on 10/02/11

Peace is a question is the answer occupation?
Killing little children does it give them liberation?
preach equality while your soldiers oppress a nation
What would your heart say if you had to face them
Leave the legacy of death in the soil of the earth
Play life like a game like we’re blind to it’s worth
Here they leave flowers for the dead in the cemeteries.
Imagine civilians deaths & not knowing if they were buried.
We treat life like a game like we’re blind to the pain
When millions still fight for their right to remain
In their homes as they go down with the rain
Cus bombs fall everyday from their military planes
That swarm in their skies and are ending their lives
And you can witness the fear that lives in their minds
But they live & the fight see the courage in their eyes
And frustration within them when their children cry
Years go by and yet we still believe the lies
When a nation fights to stand so we can hear their cries
They take a minute silence to remember their losses
And mothers leave letters for sons in mailboxes
Whilst these people go through their days hoping it’s a phase
Knowing that they have been locked in a cage
Where it’s hard to escape cus in their minds they’re afraid
Any move that they make their families will pay
So it’s hard for them to resist & it’s harder to exist
And we don’t see the truth cus we’re blinded by the mist.
CUs the media choose to lie & it covers up our eyes
Seems we’re all going deaf cus we’re not hearing their cries
So I say that I’m there cus I’m with them & I’m strong
But it’s hard for them to trust we left them alone for too long.

4 thoughts on “They Make It Hard To Exist

  1. This poem is beautiful and ignited with passion! Thank you for taking the time to write it, as always you have painted the painful truth with your brilliant words. Keep up the good work, you will inspire others to open their eyes and take responsibility for the world around them. :) xxx

  2. Lupe says: “the silence is worse than all the violence…” And to that i agree. San’aa if they drop physical bombs the u drop lyrical bombs my sister. U have a great talent with words trust me if i’m impressed then its the truth. Never be silent.

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